Sudoku Sensei

Sudoku Sensei 2.0

Sudoku game to create, play and solve sudokus


  • Support for many types of sudokus
  • Helps you solve sudokus better and faster


  • It's not that good to actually play sudokus on PC

Very good

Sudoku Sensei is not just the traditional digital sudoku that allows you to play this popular pastime in your computer. It's also a complete sudoku suite that can create many new sudoku puzzles and what's more important, help you solve them.

The game supports the classical sudoku layout as well as other more challenging designs such as Samurai, Triplex or Hearts. You can create them from scratch or use an existing sudoku that you have to manually type in. This makes of Sudoku Sensei a great tool to solve those annoying impossible sudokus published on newspapers and magazines.

On the downside, Sudoku Sensei is not that intuitive when it comes to playing sudokus with it. The screen image is simply too small and the accompanying zoom tool doesn't make it any better. Plus, the strange way to enter numbers (by erasing possibilities rather that typing the actual number in) makes it really weird to play.

With Sudoku Sensei you can improve your sudoku skills and create new sudokus in any level of difficulty.

From the beginning, Sudoku Sensei was intended to become a program with Graphical User Interface. Though, the first versions were just the core of that: a sudoku logic explainer engine. That is, a library capable of solving sudokus just like humans do.

The engine solves sudokus by applying complex logical rules a few times, instead of applying simpler rules (like guessing and backtracking) many many times. These complex logical rules are exactly the same ones that people use with paper and pen.

In the first versions of Sudoku Sensei, the engine is accompanied by several command line demo programs. These illustrate how to use the engine and allow creating, solving and explaining a wide variety of sudoku problems. With Sudoku Sensei 2.0 you will enjoy playing with sudoku boards designed by yourself. You can choose different levels of difficulty and different levels of help. It will allways provide hints with a logical explanation whenever you get stalled.

Like other sudoku games, Sudoku Sensei 2.0 allows you to generate new games or type them in, save and load games, peek at the solution, print the game, undo/redo, and other common features. It includes a Tutorial for playing sudoku, and a Manual for the program usage.

Sudoku Sensei


Sudoku Sensei 2.0

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